Stage 25

Content Questions – “Modestus perfuga II”


Read “Modestus perfuga II” on page 93 and then answer the questions that follow in complete sentences with appropriate references to the Latin cited and translated.


1.  What sound does Modestus hear? Why?



2.  What action does he take against this?



3.  Why does he shout “euge!” in line 7?



4.  Why is Modestus still “anxius” in line 10?



5.  What does Modestus see lying on the ground?



6.  Describe the origin and appearance of this object.



7.  What conclusion does Modestus reach about Strythio?



8.  Why does Modestus feel that ”nēmō īnfēlīcior est quam ego” in line 16?



9.  What revenge does Modestus plan?



10.  Who is in the cell?



11.  What happened to the “captivus”?



12.  Why does Modestus now say “ō, quam īnfēlīx sum” in line 33?



13.  How does Strythio consol him?